Meet the Team

Executive Assistant


 Stanee Daniel is VLC- Petite Femme's Executive Assistant. She enjoys working at VLC because the mission to enhance the life of young ladies aligns with her personal goals as well.  She is inspired by God and her faith, the fact that VLC is a women owned business that will make an impact in this world, assisting in making the dreams of others come to fruition, and the magic of painting and art. Working with the families of VLC’s members is also an aspect of the organization that is near and dear to Stanee’s heart.  

 Her skills make her an exceptional candidate for the company as she has been a camp counselor at a previous Bible Camp. Additionally, Stanee has public service experience as she works with children and families at her church.  

Camp Director


 Mikerlande Cledanor is an Early Education Certified Teacher who loves working with children.  She is passionate about making a difference in every child’s life and appreciates studying their developmental stages. She is CPR and First Aid certified as well as credited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. In her spare time, she is a foodie who loves reading and traveling. Working with children has opened her eyes to the importance of teaching the next generation to be confident and strong.   

Activity & SCHEDULING Specialist


 Alexis Ladd is Petite Femme’s Activity & Scheduling Specialist. She studied Early childhood education at Plymouth State University. As a mother of a beautiful 2 year old toddler, Adrianna, Lexi enjoys spending time with her family and traveling across the country. She believes that all children deserve the chance to grow up strong and confident, and is extremely excited to be a part of an organization solely focused on social development  

Event Director


 Autumn King has been VLC-Petite Femme's Event Director since 2016. Her experience with financial and contract management has allowed her to manage and oversee a variety of events of all magnitudes. Her roles include identifying revenue sources and various cost-saving opportunities. She is also responsible for every aspect of an event, from choosing venues to evaluating success afterwards. With her organization skills, competency in vendor management, communication skills and attention to detail, Autumn has assisted in surpassing many of VLC’s goals. Simultaneously, she works diligently to ensure that each member of VLC’s Petite Femme experiences events that are unimaginable, unwavering in foundation and unforgettable. 

Human Resource President


 Darian Ward has been VLC-Petite Femme’s Human Resources President since 2017 and has been excited to embark on her position since that time. During her undergraduate season at Georgia Southern University, she studied Public Health and Nutrition. She fell in love with the idea of helping young women overcome bullying as well as eating disorders.  She conducted two studies, “Disorder Eating at Any Age: A Parents Perspective on Children’s Attitudes Towards Foods and Body Images” and “Happy Being Me – A Self-Esteem Promotion Program.”
Her endeavors coincide with VLC’s mission as we promote positive body image and healthy eating. Afterword, Darian studied Human Resources, but never lost the love she found during her undergraduate career. VLC has become the perfect place for her to illustrate her experience as well as her adoration for positive self-love.  

Editor In Chief


 Melissa M. Jeanty has been VLC- Petite Femme's Editor-in-Chief and Public Relation Director since 2014. During her undergrad career, she studied Psychology and Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and simultaneously explored social media and editing through internships and various outlets. She then went on to complete her master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at Northeastern University. Melissa now uses the techniques and methods she has grasped throughout her educational and professional career to elevate VLC-Petite Femme’s editorial and social repute.